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Performance coaching will help your managers make performance choices which focus on delivery of goals.

I wish I had more time to
coach and develop my team

Is your time more usefully spent on the business strategy and marketing?  Can we support you by spending the time with your team on coaching and developing their skills so that they can support you.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Eric Schmidt explains why every business executive needs a coach.

Coaching Services

Performance coaching
Performance coaching will help you achieve personal and organisational goals. Through one to one coaching you will:

Articulate your goals and vision
Understand performance choices to help you achieve your goals
Improve and develop your skills
Receive the support and challenge as you progress along your journey

Coaching will benefit the whole organisation by creating high employee engagement, retention and productivity through:

Contributing to increased team effectiveness and improving relationships
Improving confidence and communication skills enabling managers to lead by example
Challenging perceptions & practices to enable cultural change
Enabling people to learn through doing

Coaching also assists in maximising returns on your training investment
It is a recognised fact that to change a behaviour or way of working takes at least 6 weeks, yet how often are staff sent on a training course and then just  left to get on with it back at their desks? Yet more expenditure on training with minimal return.

Coaching is a key way of supporting training in the work place. It supports people while they are trying to embed the new ways of working after the training.